topical resources


Recovering from Child Abuse: Healing and Hope for Victims

Bad Memories: Healing for Bad Memories


Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands

Relationships: A Mess Worth Making

Advocate Manual

Seeing with New Eyes


The Heart of Anger

Understanding Anger Part 1

Understanding Anger Part 2

From Forgiven to Forgiving

What to do When Anger Gets the Upper Hand



Conflict: A Redemptive Opportunity

Family Feuds: How to Respond

Healing Broken Relationships: What to Do When You've Been Hurt

How to Love Difficult People

War of Words

How to Handle Trouble

Dealing With Your Past

How to Overcome Evil

Putting Your Past in it's Place


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Bipolar Disorder

Depressed: Beyond a "Cheer Up" Theology

Overcoming Anxiety

Depression: The Way Up When You're Feeling Down


The Vertical Purpose

Who Is God? - Part 1

Who Is God? - Part 2

Who Is God? - Part 3

The Cross Centered Life

Living the Cross Centered Life

Because He Loves Me

Gospel Centered Living

Christ and Your Problems


What to do when Fear Overcomes You

Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety

Fear Factor

Running Scared


This Momentary Marriage

What Did You Expect?

The Vertical Marriage

Vertical Marriage- The Sexual Relationship

Vertical Marriage- How to Keep the Wheels Spinning

Vertical Marriage- Money

Vertical Marriage- Wife's Role in Marriage

Vertical Marriage- The Vertical Husband

Excellent Wife

Exemplary Husband

The Complete Husband

5 Love Languages

Your Famiy God's Way



Give them Grace

Angry Children: Understanding and Helping Your Child

Shepherding a Child's Heart


Finally Free

At the Alter of Sexual Idolatry


From Pride to Humility

Video Illustrations

These videos were created to help give you tools to use in the counseling room

that will help you draw out the heart of your counselee.