Erwin "erv" Kittner


Family: Married to Dori, 2 Daughters, 2 Son-In-Laws, 6 Grandchildren


Brief Testimony: Accepted Jesus Christ at the age of nine on the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 1957. The words from a German song "If Jesus would return today, will I be with Jesus" penetrated my heart & I accepted Jesus into my life. Always thought up to that time that I would get a "free pass" to heaven since my parents were faithful Christians. I finally realized that this personal decision was mine to make and mine alone. I did recommit my life to Christ in my sophomore year in high school (1967) at a Young Life school event. A tremendous change took place in my life from that day forward. The Holy Spirit worked amazingly in my life to let Jesus flow out of me and just to be bold and courageous sharing my salvation story. From that day forward I truly committed my life as a true disciple for Jesus.

Hobbies: traveling with my wife; walking and bike riding; connecting with people; watching Cubs & Bear games; spending time with grandkids.


Favorite Books / Authors: 

Alexander Strauch - Sense & Nonsense about Prayer

Gene Getz - The Apostles

Warren W. Wiersbe - Be Joyful

Doug Conner


Family: Married to Sara, 1 step-daughter

Hobbies: Disc Golf, Playing Euchre and Reading

Favorite Books / Authors:  

Disciple Making Parent by Chap Bettis, Holiness by JC Ryle, The Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent and The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges





Dale Lehman


Family: Married to Lynn, 3 adult children, 3 adult step children

Brief Testimony: I confessed that Jesus was Lord, and believed that God raised Him from the dead a month before my 21st Birthday. God sent several “laborers” and witnesses to me in my late teens to help me understand His loving purpose for my life i.e. my sister, Larry from the Forever Family, lots of emotional pain and failure, and conviction through His Word prior to me accepting Christ. I “kicked against the pricks” for many years prior to that day, wanting to do what I wanted, and life was not good. He opened my heart that day, and I have to say that I have nowhere else to go except for HIm, even though I have failed Him many times over the years. I am still growing, and learning how to love the Lord and my neighbor. And He is still full of mercy and grace toward me, for which I am very grateful.

Hobbies: Camping, being outside, bird watching, hiking, listening to music, yard work, landscaping, reading, golf, target practice.

Favorite Books/Authors: Gospel Primer (Milton Vincent), The Cross Centered (CJ Mahaney), The Crossing (Winston Churchill)